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Trusts Generator is a web application that allows anyone to create a trust at the fraction of the cost of a traditional lawyer draft.

Lawyers can charge up to $10,000 USD to create a trust document. Using Trusts Generator technology you can create a trust instantly for $100!

After filling out the form and submitting payment you will be emailed your trust and all you need to do is sign and notorize! At that point your trust is a legally binding document.

I'm Not Rich! Why Do I Need A Trust?

One of the biggest questions we receive is "If I am not a high wealth individual, why do I need a trust? Won't a will suffice?". The answer to that is an overwhelming NO!

While a will is an important document to have for estate planning, you still have to go through probate in order to pass down your assets. With a trust, you skip the probate process completely!

Not only that, a trust allows you to manage your assets WHILE YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! For a more thorough explanation check the youtube video below.

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